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Helena by YvaineGlare Helena :iconyvaineglare:YvaineGlare 44 3 Gerard Way drawing by trixy-bernadotte Gerard Way drawing :icontrixy-bernadotte:trixy-bernadotte 47 10 the bee princess by Kkjcj the bee princess :iconkkjcj:Kkjcj 16 47
2P! France X Shy! Male! Reader - Don't Care.
*When the Reader says that the situation is 'wrong', I'm not saying that I see anything to do with homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals ect... is wrong. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this fanfic. XD*
**Note: Shy! Male! Reader is shy so expect random stuttering, blushing ect. Also, try to use a character that looks and acts a little feminine. You'll see why**
***Also cause you're shy you wear hoodies cause I like hoodies. 'Nuff said.***
****  '___' = thinking  "___" = talking ****
You sighed and adjusted the straps on your (bag of choice), your books for the next lesson clutched to your chest. Your eyes wandered from locker to locker, searching for your number.
'108...109...110...111! There it is!' You put your bag down, fumbled with your keys for a few seconds before opening your locker...
..Only to be met by a huge wave of rose petals that put even the OHSHC to shame...After a few minutes of tunnelling (sp?) you managed to get out of the pile of petals, or rather yo
:iconamuletamethyst:AmuletAmethyst 461 157
Jack Frost X Shy!Male!Reader [Falling Snow]
“Noel, Noel~”
You smiled, hearing carolers walk down the white streets. It was beautiful at night, especially with all the lovely falling snow. It seemed to illuminate in the different colored Christmas lights that decorated the town. For you, seeing the lights was equivalent to getting a bunch of your favourite things on Christmas. You were 18 and still believed in Santa, but you didn’t ask the Guardians for anything. They were too busy, and you gladly respected that.
You blinked and shivered when snow began to fall from directly above you. Smiling and giggling a bit, you looked up to see the mischievous Jack Frost himself. He smiled and shook his sleeve, more snow pouring down onto your (h/c) hair. When you attempted to shake it off, Jack held your head.
“Don’t shake it off, you look cute.” He laughed, and a deep blush fell over your face. He always knew how to make you flustered, considering how shy you were.
“J-Jack~” Y
:iconchatoeto:ChaToeto 198 66
Support by KarkatInABucket Support :iconkarkatinabucket:KarkatInABucket 26 2 Global Warming stamp by Elegant-Rose Global Warming stamp :iconelegant-rose:Elegant-Rose 107 0 Martin Luther King Jr. stamp by Conservatoons Martin Luther King Jr. stamp :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 120 70 Fantroll Adoptable CLOSED by XxFantroll-FiascoxX Fantroll Adoptable CLOSED :iconxxfantroll-fiascoxx:XxFantroll-FiascoxX 2 0 Request: DirkJake (Fluff) by sundaymorningtoons Request: DirkJake (Fluff) :iconsundaymorningtoons:sundaymorningtoons 26 5 I'm not a mary sue by KarkatInABucket I'm not a mary sue :iconkarkatinabucket:KarkatInABucket 28 17 Pet - ZALGO x Masky by MionOfDeath Pet - ZALGO x Masky :iconmionofdeath:MionOfDeath 317 161 rlyfancytitlehere by BeautifulSurgery rlyfancytitlehere :iconbeautifulsurgery:BeautifulSurgery 393 229 BEN drowned by BeautifulSurgery BEN drowned :iconbeautifulsurgery:BeautifulSurgery 347 33
Male!Elsa x Reader - On The Same Level (Part 3)
The enormous corridors of the castle were warm busy, with many paintings and ornaments carefully placed along the walls which gave it an inviting look, but didn’t take away the fact that you were inside the royal palace. You followed anxiously behind the King, too afraid to make eye contact with the stern looking guards that looked you up and down with intimidating stares as you passed. The sun filtered its way through the colossal glass windows, painting your exhausted face with an illuminating light and causing you to squint. The only sound now was the rhythmic tap of the King’s and your feet combined echoing through the hallways.
You stepped with your back straight and your eyes focused, absorbing the image of the man that strode before you. His masculine shoulders dipped with each step, and you watched the fabric of his clothes crinkle with his muscles and movements. A few stray white hairs had escaped from the King’s head and lay lazily over his forehead. He quic
:iconbutterfingas:Butterfingas 258 30
Base 47 by Chao-Bases Base 47 :iconchao-bases:Chao-Bases 292 10


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lol no
frerard is lyfe
phan is perf
and josh dun is a bABE


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